About Stephen Baldauf

Stephen Baldauf was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Even in his youth it was clear that he was a natural-born artist. Stephen has trained all his life at Chicago universities and art schools, and through private training and seminars.

Current Exhibitions

Art Show Schedule 2023

Atlanta, Georgia
Event Dates: April 14-16

St. Petersburg, Fl
Event Dates: April 22-23

Southlake, TX
Event Dates: April 28-30

Kansas City, Mo
Event Dates: May 5-7

Norfolk Va
Event Dates: May 20-21

Kansas City, Mo
Event Dates: June 3-4

Chicago Illinois
Event Dates: June 10-11

Winnetka, Illinois
Event Dates: June 24-25

Chicago, Illinois
Event Dates: August 26-27

Lake Forest, Illinois
Event Dates: Sept 3-4